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Thank you so much for your interest in my website on gender equality, and diversity more generally.


My name is Antonia Sudkaemper, I am a dedicated expert on organisational diversity with a specific focus on gender equality. I am enthusiastic about engaging others in conversations about these topics, and to discuss strategies to achieve change. My goal is to contribute to creating a society that provides equal opportunities to all of its members.


On this page, I share my own and other people's thoughts on the topics of gender equality and diversity, especially in the workplace. Gender equality has not been achieved yet - whilst gender discrimination might be more subtle these days than it used to be, we still encounter gender stereotypes, gender roles, and gendered expectations on a daily basis. Whilst women might be the primary victims of these, they also limit men's lives and are harmful to society more generally. It is essential to continue the conversation to achieve change.


Next to contributing to the conversation on gender equality in the workplace, I am also interested in diversity more broadly: ethnicity, sexual orientation, disabilities, …


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Antonia Sudkaemper

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