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Thank you for your interest in my website on gender equality, and diversity more generally.


My name is Antonia Sudkaemper, I am an expert on diversity with a specific focus on gender equality. I am currently completing my PhD research on men's support for gender equality, and have gained work experience in the diversity department of the EU Council in the past. I enjoy engaging others in conversations about these topics, and like to discuss strategies to achieve change. Ultimately, my goal is to make a contribution towards creating a society that provides equal opportunities to all of its members.


We do not yet live in a world that provides equal opportunities to all - whilst gender discrimination might be more subtle these days than it used to be, we still encounter gender stereotypes, gender roles, and gendered expectations on a daily basis. Whilst women might be the primary victims due to gendered violence and pay disparities, gender inequality also harms and limits men's lives considerably. Public campaigns in 2017 and 2018 have brought up many of these topics, and have made the the discourse a lot more vibrant. I am grateful to be part of the conversation - on this page I share my own thoughts in my own articles, and share other people's thoughts in guest articles and featured content, so that we can keep this essential conversation going.


Whilst my main expertise is the topic of gender equality, I am equally interested in supporting other minority groups, such as ethnic minorities, the LGBT+ community, and people with disabilities. 


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All the best, 

Antonia Sudkaemper

*** Super excited to announce that my blog is listed on the Feedspot Top 50 Gender Equality Blogs in 2018. See a list of all blogs here. ***