Antonia Sudkaemper

My name is Antonia Sudkaemper, I am an expert on diversity with a specific focus on gender equality. I am currently completing my PhD research on men's support for gender equality, and have gained work experience in the diversity department of the EU Council in the past. I enjoy engaging others in conversations about these topics, and like to discuss strategies to achieve change. Ultimately, my goal is to make a contribution towards creating a society that provides equal opportunities to all of its members.


After completing high school in Germany in 2010, I acquired a BSc in Psychology (2013) and a Research MSc in Behavioural Sciences (2015) at the University of Groningen (NL). I was fortunate to do parts of my degrees at the University of Johannesburg (SA) and the University of Cambridge (UK), respectively. Thereafter, I conducted my doctorate research in Social and Organisational Psychology at the University of Exeter (UK).

Recently, I worked for the Equal Opportunities Office of the Council of the European Union. There, I was involved in projects fostering gender equality, work-life balance, and non-discrimination of minorities and people with disabilities.


Further, I am a research associate at GenPol, a Cambridge-based think tank consultancy helping clients find gender aware-solutions to their problems.


I am always interested in side-projects on diversity-related topics. Last year, I co-organised the GenSTEM conference, and advised the  Wilberforce Society on a policy paper on gender equality, and was engaged in street activism. I am interested in discussing and supporting new projects - please do get in touch. 

As of May 2019, I am working full-time as researcher at Cambridge Assessment, conducting social science research with the aim of developing and improving fair procedures within GCSE and A-level (UK high school diploma) assessment.


To maintain a healthy work-life balance I like to move a lot: running, football, dancing, cycling, swimming, … One of the things that excites me the most in life though is exploring new places - one can never travel enough!

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