28. April 2020
Anna Norgett (Newcastle University) about her research on women's economic opportunities in refugee camps
11. February 2020
Happy Women in Science Day. 👩‍🔬 To mark the occasion, we recorded an interesting podcast at Cambridge Assessment. OCR CEO Jill Duffy, Anne Clarke from Cambridge English, and myself are discussing our own experiences and how to support girls and women in science. Enjoy! Podcast: International Day of Women and Girls in Science
24. January 2020
Why do women take charge in times of crisis?
15. October 2019
Very proud to have my doctoral research published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, check it out here. "In this paper, we develop and validate the 16-item Support for Gender Equality among Men Scale (SGEMS) across four studies. Drawing on exploratory (Study 1, n = 322) and confirmatory (Study 2, n = 358; Study 4, n = 192) factor analysis, we determine a two-factor structure: public and domestic support for gender equality. In Study 3 (n = 146) and Study 4, we validate the scale by...
01. September 2019
Panel Discussion on Women in the Workplace at Cambridge Assessment
14. August 2019
After 3.5 long years of hard work, here it is: MY THESIS!! "Despite progress, profound gender inequality prevails and is harmful to the aspirations and well-being of both women and men. While much research has focused on the circumstances that motivate women to engage in collective action to achieve gender equality, more recently, research has identified men’s support for gender equality as a crucial factor for change. In this thesis, we first review the literature on collective action for...
16. February 2019
Super honored that Mayshad Mag, part of the Mayshad Foundation aiming to develop youth and women empowerment programs, contacted me to feature in their section of interviews with women who "thrive to make a change and help others around them to succeed as well". A bit unreal to be listed among some truly inspirational women. Here's my interview, but DO have a browse and read some of the other interviews as well, some great thoughts there!
01. July 2018
This summer, BBC journalist Aoife Hayes asked me to be part of this exciting project: a podcast discussing the most important feminist topics of 2018. Listen here to Aoife, myself, and other experts in the field of gender equality discussing (1) the movements, (2) female role models, (3) the workplace, and (4) the men across four 30 minute episodes. Enjoy! Podcast: Man, the Year of the Woman
30. May 2018
Enjoy my video on why men should and how they can support gender equality. ~Please reference: Sudkaemper, A. (20168, May 23) Domestic Support for Gender Equality. Retrieved from www.antoniasudkaemper.com
06. March 2018
Reviving the Sisterhood within Women's Networks

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