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06. November 2018
This summer, BBC journalist Aoife Hayes asked me to be part of this exciting project: a podcast discussing the most important feminist topics of 2018. Listen here to Aoife, myself, and other experts in the field of gender equality discussing (1) the movements, (2) female role models, (3) the workplace, and (4) the men across four 30 minute episodes. Enjoy! Podcast: Man, the Year of the Woman
30. May 2018
Enjoy my video on why men should and how they can support gender equality. ~Please reference: Sudkaemper, A. (20168, May 23) Domestic Support for Gender Equality. Retrieved from
06. March 2018
Reviving the Sisterhood within Women's Networks
15. February 2018
Federica Mogherini answering questions on gender and race at the European Institutions
19. January 2018
"having it all" thanks to flexible work
13. October 2017
How are the EU member states doing on gender equality?
12. September 2017
"In most conversations about gender inequality and violence against women, men only hear about what not to do. It is time to do more." ~~ Good Lad Initiative
10. August 2017
Presentation on the first part of my PhD research
21. December 2016
Emily Harris (University of Queensland) about her research on benevolent sexism and orgasm frequency in women
07. December 2016
Jenny Veldman (KU Leuven) about her research on women's underrepresentation in certain fields of work and in leadership positions

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