Suggestions JANUARY-APRIL 2016

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TED TALK - 28.04.2016

Online video games are more than just a way to spend some time. With ever increasing numbers of people who play video games, it has become an important medium in our time and day. With a lot of harmful content, it seems...


EVENT - 24.04.2016

Soapbox Science is grass-roots science outreach organisation that brings cutting edge research onto urban streets whilst also promoting the visibility of women in science. 14 events are planned across the UK and Australia for 2016 - check when the event will take place in your city here.  


ARTICLE - 20.04.2016

Mary Bousted, general secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers in the UK, discusses the tight rope that little girls walk at school. Due to sexist double standards, girls seemingly have to decide between appearing attractive or clever, as clever girls face serious bullying at school. 


VIDEO - 16.04.2016

While many countries have made progress towards gender equality in the sciences over the past several decades, women continue to be underrepresented in many fields. In this video two prominent female scientists discuss their careers, inspirations, and gender bias. 


ARTICLE - 12.04.2016

My article "I had a female boss" sparked a fervent discussion on the impact of evolution on gender roles. Read article #3 of the discussion here.  Sheina Lew-Levy, doctoral researcher at the University of Cambridge, explains how  evolutionary theory is not at odds with gender equality. 


EVENT - 09.04.2016

Those of you who live in England might find this conference organized by the University of Kent interesting. The topic of the conference is Leadership and Diversity in organizations. Both my supervisor Prof. Michelle Ryan and myself will speak at the conference.


PETITION - 03.04.2016

Rules on equal pay and parental leave are rights protected by the EU law. If Britain votes to leave we are putting these at risk. Sign this petition to protect Women's rights as part of the EU. 


ARTICLE - 14.03.2016

Lots of women suffer from monthy period pains and feel like it is not appropriate to stay at home when they do. This amazingly progressive company from Bristol encourages women who suffer from their period to stay at home and introduce a specific policy to this purpose.


ARTICLE - 10.03.2016

The Oscars this year were exciting, not only for the movies but also for the politics. Racism and sexism in Hollywood were big topics. Read here why Ask Her More is not as irrelevant as Chris rock made it sound.




VIDEO - 06.03.2016

What does "Like a Girl" mean? Watch here how little girls and grown-up women interprete these words. Why is "Like a Girl" a bad thing? Girls rock!




ARTICLE - 02.03.2016

The US elections are becoming increasingly heated, and the contestants' agendas are passionately debated. Hillary Clinton may or may not be the best person for the position, but these arguments do not count. Focus on her political agenda, please.

SHare the load

VIDEO - 28.02.2016

One of the most powerful ads in a while showing how endorsing in gender stereotypes harms everyone. Children model their parents and form their future aspirations when they play house, so don't miss your chance to form your children's future. And, it's never too late for change.


ARTICLE - 24.02.2016

A recent study found that boys consistently gave each other more credit than equally savvy girls in the classroom. A disconcerting trend that carries all the way into the life of grown-up women. Especially in the STEM fields women still have to work a lot harder than men to receive the same amount of recognition. 


VIDEO - 21.02.2016

Each one of these lines seems so subtle. And yet, compiled in one video they powerfully convey all the expectations women are supposed to meet every single day. Sometimes contradictory expectations. It's hard to get it right. 


ARTICLE - 18.02.2016

No need to feel guilty for being a working mom. Not only do you do the same as most dads (who do not feel guilty either), but you might even be doing your children a favour: Working moms have more successful daughters and more caring sons, Harvard Business School study found. 

WHAT IT MEANS to be a man

VIDEO - 14.02.2016

What did it mean to be a man in 2015? Media showed that being a man means being "strong" and means to objectify women. Help expand the meaning of being a man, so that both men and women will experience gender equality in 2016 and beyond. 


PARTY - 10.02.2016

Those of you who live in England might want to consider joining the relatively young women's equality party exclusively dedicated to achieving gender equality. How exciting to be part of the forming phase of such a crucial political force!


ARTICLE - 07.02.2016

Beautifully written article by Rosie Devereux from Australia about parenthood. Men are just as amazing, overwhelmed, or stunned by the task as women are. It's time to give men the credit they deserve instead of discouraging them. 


TED TALK - 02.02.2016

Listen to my PhD supervisor explaining why women might appear less ambitious in the workplace and how this ties to a new conception of work-life balance. Not only time, but also identities can be balanced. 

a new favourite POlitician!?

ARTICLE - 28.01.2016

Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau know that feminism does not only play a role when raising little girls, but also when raising little boys

ICELAND CLOSING the pay gap 

ARTICLE - 23.01.2016

The northern lights are no longer the thing that I find the most exciting about Iceland: I just read that they are approaching equal pay for both genders. Go, Iceland! 

Emma Watson's Book CLUB

BOOK CLUB - 20.01.2016

What a great idea by one of my favourite feminists Emma Watson - a list of feminist books that everyone should read. New books will be added and discussed regularly - I cannot wait to start with the first one.

Men's contribution

ARTICLE - 14.01.2016

So true, Helen Lewis, men need to contribute to achieve gender equality! Only when men do half of the housework, women can do half of the paid work, I could not agree more with this article

female empowerment

WEBSITE - 05.01.2016

gender equality blog we are sisters stories

We Are Sister Stories is a beautiful blog featuring stories that portray girls and women as strong and powerful agents. I am honoured to collaborate with them in 2016; they will post my blog articles on 5 consecutive Wednesdays starting on the 6th of January 2016.

Dazzling feminist moments

                                                                                                            ARTICLE - 31.12.2015

gender equality in 2015

Fortunately, not only bad things happened in 2015 (see below). Read about these dazzling feminist moments to cheer up again; so many women and men no longer tolerate sexism and decide to speak up.

the year in sexism

ARTICLE - 31.12.2015

gender equality in 2015

"We don't need feminism anymore, gender equality has been long achieved." Laura Bates', founder of EverydayFeminism, response to this claim is a list of a sexist incidence  for each month of the last year

women changing the world

ARTICLE - 24.12.2015

strong women for gender equality

Check out these 50 amazingly inspiring women who decided that embracing gender stereotypes was never going to be enough for them. 

We should all be feminists

TED TALK - 17.12.2015

Nigerian Chimanda Ngozi Adichie talks about how she became a feminist and why feminism is not just for women. Her book (by the same title) is handed out to every 16-year old in Sweden. What a strong and inspirational woman!